Saturday, October 6, 2012


For Otherworld Saturday, I want to discuss spoilers - good, bad, let's see...

Really?!?! with Seth and Amy (actually with Jana)
Today, I was watching the latest installment of "The Lizzie Bennett Diaries" and noticed that there was a lot of discussion about spoilers in the comments. I resisted in commenting because my comment would have been along the lines of a Really?!?! type of comment. I mean seriously, the plot is based off of Pride and Prejudice - who in this world does not know what that book is about? Who is watching the freakin' "Lizzie Bennett Diaries" and reached video 52 without figuring out the plot? Really?!?! What's wrong with you? Why would you have not looked this up by now? Even if you haven't read the book, watched an adaption, or talked to, I don't know, another human being about it, come on - you think it's ok to whine about freakin' spoilers!! Many comments took this approach - my opinion was well represented. Seriously - that's just insane. But you know, not all spoiler ridden types of media are novels that have been available for many years. Some things are better unspoiled.

To spoil or not to spoil...
Whenever I see a spoiler leaked, I have the temptation to look at it. Sometimes I resist - I don't want to spoil my enjoyment of experiencing the new information in that moment. But sometimes, I give in and find out everything I can - there's something to feeling like I'm an insider and I know the secrets no one wanted leaked. You feel knowledgeable. I especially think that "spoilers" are fine if given in the context of the show/movie you  want to see - I mean the trailer for the movie or the next episode is supposed to make you want to see it! I think legally provided spoilers are fine - I don't like the illegal ones - like when someone leaked some of the pages/content from a Harry Potter book early - not cool dude, not cool. 

The Investment Factor
I know that my need to be spoiled is in direct correlation with how much I've invested into the media that is being spoiled - will I watch the movie/TV show the next day? Will it be a year? Will it keep me from hating/liking something? I think I was better off knowing that the name on the tombstone in Goblet of Fire was wrong (and then noticing they fixed it). I liked knowing some of the characters from Legend of Korra before I finished The Last Airbender. I loved seeing the pictures and scenes of characters from some of my favorite books when they were being made into movies (Hunger Games, Harry Potter). It also depends what kind of spoiler we're talking about here - will it give away something that I'll know soon into the story or is it something that I'll sit and wait on till the end? Sometimes I'm ok knowing the end - I like to see how the characters end up there, but a lot of times - it is a let down. 

I guess what I'm saying is, I don't have a hard or fast rule on spoilers - I don't let them spoil me in the long run. They won't keep me from loving or hating anything. 


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