Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Favorite Youtube Video Channels

So... today I decided to do a post about my favorite youtube videos! Since The Guild Season 6 premiered the other day, it seemed appropriate. 

I know I've already mentioned some webseries that I checked out, but I don't think I've been able to mention some of the important videos I watch otherwise. 

Must See's Every Week: I generally check into my youtube subscriptions on Wednesdays and Saturdays (that way something new is always around!)

- Vlogbrothers - John and Hank update like clockwork and at less than 4 minutes a video, I can always find time to watch the latest addition. The John videos are ALWAYS necessary to watch, but I find Hank to be more of a hit or miss kind of video. I love their takes on current events, fandom insights, etc. They always have something interesting to talk about. The Nerd Quote Video!

- JennaMarbles - I should probably hang my head in shame that this is so high on the list. She's hilarious though. She can get a little too crude for me sometimes and the voice she does with her dogs - ugh, but sometimes her reflections on life are just way too comically true. I will admit, I check on Wednesdays because that's when she updates. She's awesome.

- Lizzie Bennett Diaries - probably should have made the web series post to be honest, but I've been into the Lizzie Bennett Diaries for a while, so I didn't consider it a new find. These come out every three days and are following (what else?) Pride and Prejudice and are doing an awesome job. I love the modern interpretation, the characters are awesome and spot on, and it's produced by Hank Green. Yay Lizzie! It is fun to watch it from the beginning - but this is going to be a long production, start watching soon, we're already past 50 videos and maybe half way through the book. Lizzie Bennett Playlist

When I Have Time: These are the videos that used to be watched religiously every week and I still love them, but they have been regulated to the back burner because of time issues. Whenever I watch one of these I remember the pure awesomeness and have to question why I don't watch it every week. 

- Crash Course - John Green's world history youtube channel; I have to admit - I'm not even sure if he's still updating weekly on this - it has been so long since I've checked in. I used to watch this every week without fail. He's awesome, the history is interesting, and, I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a good crack about the Mongols? But at 10-12 minutes a pop, I just can't commit. I need to try again. Crash Course: The Renaissance

- The Flog - Again, I used to watch this every week. I love every aspect of this show: I love her fave fives or top three, or whatever it is now, the skill set is always hilarious, and her letters at the end are amazing. Why am I not watching this all the time? No idea - just doesn't happen. Watch the flog - remind me why it is so freakin' amazing. The Flog

When I Want to Waste an Amazing Amount of Time: These are my go to's when I have hours to kill (or not, I just think I do) and I want to watch something on the computer for some reason. 

- Starkid - LOVE does not begin to describe my feelings for Starkid. They rock. I love the Harry Potter musicals, I love Little White Lie, I love Me and My Dick (yes, it really is about what it says), I love Starship, and I love Holy Musical Batman. I also think anything any of them do is amazing - I could watch Potion Master's Corner all day. When I want to waste serious amounts of time, I go to Starkid. Starkid's Amazing Videos

- The Guild - NEW SEASON!! Just started this week - super awesome. The availability of The Guild makes it doubly appealing. I can watch it on Netflix, they recently combined all the short videos into one long video and added annotations!! Seriously, that made me go back and watch the series from the beginning. 

- Karaoke Soundtracks - seriously, my favorite things ever. I love the ones with lyrics - who needs a karaoke machine when youtube exists. I think my favorite time doing this was with the chorus kids; this is literally how they practice for auditions. Brilliant! 

Recent Interests I Think are Kinda Fun: New stuff that could last...

- Itswaypastmybedtime - She seriously has a song about being a Disney Princess. Enough said. Disney Princess Song

- Alex Day and Charlieissocoollike - Funny boys that make fun of Twilight and 50 Shades and love Doctor Who are worth putting on any list. Charlie's Doctor Who Video

Things I'll Occasionally Check on: They don't always put out something awesome, but it is always worth checking...

 - HISHE - How It Should Have Ended has Super Cafe with Superman and Batman. It is pure awesome. The other videos are pretty funny too - Harry Potter and Hunger Games are both favs. SuperCafe: Batphone

- The Nerdist - I prefer the show on BBCAmerica, but occasionally they'll post something amazing that is worth a look. Watch the appeal to nonwhovians by Chris Hardwick. Oh my gosh - love it!Watch Me! New to Who

- Potter Puppet Pals - The Ticking Noise is still the best thing they've put out, but the others are funny too. The one with Draco and the things he likes is pretty much pure hilarity.


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