Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why Do I Watch Vampire Diaries?

Seriously, why do I watch this show?   Vampire Diaries is the most addictive show.   It isn’t high quality.  The plots have very little depth.  The actors are decent, but they aren’t Oscar worthy.  They’re pretty.  In all categories they’re MUCH better actors than anything on Twilight.  But it still isn’t what I would call fantastic television.  

Stefan, Elena, & Damon
in their "Love Triangle of Doom"
So in light of all these stellar attributes, what is it that makes this show something that I devour?  I just don’t know.  I know what it I don’t like- I don’t like the lead actress playing two parts throughout the series.  (They don’t seem different enough and it irks me.)  I don’t like that Elena gets to keep two boys at her beck and call.  (I’m over the continuous plots of two boys who both truly love the girl.  And if one of them moves on, then suddenly they’re truly evil.  I don’t love the message.)  I don’t love that one of the boys can go on a killing spree and be instantly forgiven, but if the rejected one found someone other than Elena to truly love, that isn’t okay. 

Newly Vamped Stefan
The backstories never stop coming, and that can only be a good thing.
Passions- NBC Soap
 What I do love is that I ALWAYS want to know what’s happening next.  Bottom line, that’s what the draw is for me.  It isn’t the “who hooks up with who” that I want to know, although that can be interesting, it’s really the who lives, who dies, and how they get out today’s crisis.  I love the boys and the romance of it, and I know that is what drags most people in, but I honestly I really just want to know what happens next in the plot.  People die in this, people get hurt.  Story lines get ripped apart, and story lines get dragged back seasons later.  It’s the soap aspect of it that makes it awesome. 

(Oh dear, it just a quality version of Passions?)

This is also a fast paced show.  They do not take fifteen episodes for things to happen.  You get the value of some instant gratification.  In the end, that means the plot takes these meandering and strange turns, but while you are sitting there watching it, it’s just riveting.  This is a show that makes you care.

Tyler & Caroline

I have found that this is a show I only care about in the moment.  Because my drive to watch the next episode stems around the “what happens next” idea, I absolutely am unable to watch it on a weekly basis.  About 24 hours after watching an episode, if I haven’t moved on to the next one I don’t care anymore.  The first time I watched the series I watched the ENTIRE first season in one day.  I started mid-morning on a Saturday and stopped when I had to leave for church the next day.  I stopped watching a couple of episodes into the second season because I lost interest. 
Alric & Damon enjoying a drink

Last weekend I watched the second half of Season 2 and the entirety of Season 3. (I did other things while watching, but it’s still a bit sad, I know.)  I loved it.  I doubt I will keep up with the current season since I have already lost interest with the plot, but be warned- if you start watching this with entire seasons at your fingertips, you may very well become beyond saving.  

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