Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Different Kind of Super

So I’ve been watching Supernatural all night.  I skipped quite of few of Season 3 and at the moment I’m on Episode 7 of Season 4, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.”  I’m so loving it.  Supernatural is not going to become the center of my universe.  It doesn’t make me reflect a regularly about life, and humanity, and what it means to be living (like Doctor Who or Buffy), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make you feel!

I totally love these boys.  Sam and Dean always put each other first.  They don’t have any superpowers (well, minimal) or alien technology, but they have dedicated their lives to making the world a safer place. They’ve suffered for it.  It’s not a show with a big ensemble cast because they don’t get to make those connections.  And they just seem so real!  They seem like guys I knew in school if they grew up to become hunters.  When the two of them are just hanging out, they sound like my brother and his friends.  I just don't think there are that many shows on TV that I enjoy that don't feature extended love stories and strong female characters.  It makes Supernatural stand out to me. 

Also, I finally met Castiel.  I haven’t really seen enough to love him yet, but I like him so far.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching him put Dean in his place early on in the season. It being Otherworld Saturday, I just had to share  how much I am loving Supernatural right now. 

UPDATE AFTER EPISODE 10-  Okay, for all I go on about this being a step below some of the other things I obsess over, I totally cried with Dean at the end of this episode.  How can you see them cry and it not drag the tears out of you?

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