Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have I Mentioned my Thing for Archers?

Today in Fandom (Wednesday's Theme),  I am looking at upcoming television premieres and determining what I’m going to watch.  At this exact moment, I’m trying to decide if I should skip ahead in Supernatural.  I could always go back, right?  I just really want to catch up.  I enjoy reading reviews and watching along with the world, and I am never going to catch up to the current episodes!   I’m only a couple of episodes into Season 3 and they’re beginning Season 8.  (Imagine my wistful sigh here.)  I’m getting into paper grading season, and that does let me run through a season in a couple of nights, but I want to be excited about the premiere now!   I also considered skipping ahead in Fringe, but I feel like that might ruin the enjoyment of the skipped episodes when (not if) I went back.  Plus, Fringe makes no sense if you miss pivotal stuff.  Supernatural I feel like I could read some summaries and be fine, and enjoy all the past episodes when I had time.  I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I am committed to watching things in order.  Ask people who know me. (CW, Oct. 3rd, 9:00)

Justin Hartley
Stephen Amell
There are so many other exciting premieres out there for a fangirl! There is absolutely no one more excited than I am for Arrow, the CW’s replacement for Smallville.  I came to adore Ollie on that show.  I struggle rewatching earlier seasons because I just miss him.  I know Arrow is aiming for less of a slightly cheesy classic DC hero, and more towards a modern, Batman-like character.  Regardless, Ollie began my obsession with archers (not Katniss, not Hawkeye, not Brave's Princess Merida- Oliver Queen), and I am determined to love him no matter his form.  Hopefully I can love his show as much as I love his character. (CW, Oct. 10th, 8:00)

So Jana, what going on today in your world?
Stay Shiny!

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