Saturday, September 8, 2012

J's Fandoms OR How poking with a stick becomes a life long obsession...

Picking your top three fandoms is not the easiest thing to do. Some, of course, seem obvious, but then you start to second guess yourself. Should they be the things you have loved the longest? The shows/movies/books with the most impact on your life? The stuff you will talk about longer than anything else? Besides these stipulations, I get way too excited about things. I truly believe that I'm a fan of fandoms - any book/movie/show/etc that people care enough about to become a "community" has some value and then I must investigate. You could say I want to poke it with a stick like the Doctor. 

But, alas, I will limit my discussion to the top three! 

1. Without a doubt MY fandom is Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is a freakin' genius. I first discovered Harry in '99. From then on it was a flurry of going to Walmart at midnight and reading through the new book in one sitting, and then in the long wait for book 5, I discovered the fandom. There were other nerds, like me, that theorized about how everything would happen, people had written fanfic about the couples, and there were big name fans that got interviews with Rowling herself. I started checking mugglenet daily and realized I'd gone off the deep end. Go to Mugglenet - it's amazing! 

2. Kristin and I share our #2 fandom. The one that has convinced me that I am indeed a con goer and that British television truly does hold a special place in my heart, is Doctor Who. For years, my brother, HP friends, and others told me to watch the Doctor. I tried - I did! Season 1 just wasn't doing it for me. Finally, Kristin stuck it out and told me where to really start - and the rest is history. I am a Whovian and I now own more Tardis jewelry than I thought possible. 

3. This was hard - I have many things I love (Musicals, Disney, Ren. Faire etc), but to me a huge part of being part of a fandom is the community of fans that are built around the thing that you love. That's why I decided that my 3rd favorite fandom is Nerdfighteria. I will admit the first Nerdfighter video I watched was Harry Potter related (Accio Deathly Hallows) and I did pass John Green in a pizza shirt at my hotel and had no idea who he was. Oh, how silly I once was. Nerdfighters are amazing. Check out the Vlogbrothers on Youtube. Here's the link to my personal favorite video: Armoursome Video. I love the Green brothers and all that they do to decrease world suck.

So there you go, my favorite fandoms! 


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