Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slytherin Pride!

I’m a Slytherin, apparently.  I think creating houses that people can align themselves with is the coolest thing J. K. Rowling did.  If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever have a Harry Potter related costume, I would have smiled benevolently and said ‘I’m not into it enough.’  Potterverse has never qualified as a major fandom for me.  I came into it late enough (after the fifth book) that I’ve always thought of it as belonging to someone else.  I can say without too many qualms that I haven’t had anyone else direct me into a fandom and guide me through it.  That doesn’t mean I can’t take a recommendation, but I can’t have someone who’s going to watch every bit of something with me or ahead of me.

Pottermore's Slytherin Welcome

Harry just always seemed to be for other people.  I want to live with the things I love, and if I already see them existing, or know too much about what happens ahead of time, then the thing doesn’t become real anymore.  It flattens back out into just a story, or movie, or television show.  (Side note- is that how “normal” people experience these amazing books, films, and series?)  If I’ve already seen pictures Lois & Clark’s first kiss on Smallville, how can I be as thrilled as if it was finally happening, right then, in that exact moment?  If I see a million people quoting “Don’t Blink!” on Pinterest before seeing the episode, how can it have a gripping, ominous feel, as though I am in danger from the weeping angels in that exact second?

As much as I can appreciate it and enjoy Harry Potter, I haven’t ever found a way that I can actually live in it.

My Slytherin outfit for
the Renaissance Festival
Then came Pottermore.com.  Just get sorted.  If it feels right, like you’ve found your people, then it’s done.  I proudly claim the Slytherin House. (Just for the record, I am SURROUNDED by Hufflepuffs.)  Now I have a seriously Slytherin inspired Ren Faire outfit.  It’s awesome.  I am able to see myself in the Potterverse, and it’s a fun place to be. I’m not living the existing stories; I’m living my own.  It’s still a bit of a challenge to have Slytherin pride while watching the films.  There isn’t a lot of gray area shown among the Slytherin characters on screen, but I’ve read the books. I know that there’s more to the Slytherins than being the House of Bad People.  There are so many admirable qualities, along with a couple of faults.  This is the case with all the houses.  Now, if you remain unsorted, and especially if you aren’t sold on loving Harry Potter, that is easy to fix!  Head to Pottermore and let J. K. Rowling find your home. 

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