Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Pacey Complex

Who doesn't want a boy to look at you like that?
For Otherworld Saturday, I want to post about my love for the "Pacey" character. Let me clarify... Pacey (from Dawson's Creek) is the epitome of everything I love in a male character that is supposed to be my age. So naturally, I find "Paceys" everywhere in literature, movies, TV, etc. This is something I realized over time. I would find myself adoring a character and realized - It's because he's a Pacey. Of course. Now - I just figure out which one is supposed to be the Pacey and begin loving him immediately.

So, first - the characteristics:
Chandler's wit and weird childhood totally
make him a Pacey.
1. Misunderstood - he's really smart, but doesn't want to apply himself; he feels left out of the group and makes up for it by acting out. Poor misunderstood Pacey :(

2. The Best Friend - he's never the main character. A show about a Pacey doesn't last; he's the best friend of the main character - the one who comes up with the scheme, but never actually gets the credit. He's in the shadows and will occasionally resent it.

3. Witty - he's the funny one; sometimes sarcastic, sometimes stupid-funny, but always the character with the quip.

Jim just made a possible mistake on The Office.
I hope he makes it a success! 
4. Acts strong, but is very sensitive - He puts up a front, but will break. He just wants to be loved people! And when he loves you - wow, he's the best boy there could ever be.

5. Always falls for the girl he really shouldn't get - he aims above his status; he will get the girl sometimes because he is so witty and sensitive and misunderstood, but there will always be drama.

Oh Ron... 
6. Loyal - almost to a fault. If he does betray his bestie, he will spent the rest of the movie, book, series, etc trying to make up for this ultimate sin.

Cappy as Prince Charming! 
7. Makes mistakes - a lot; fails class, says the wrong thing, gets in trouble, tries to help and ends up making things worse, and will without a doubt, screw it up with the girl.

8. Surprises everyone - he might fall off the grid for a little while, but will come back and be the success. It's the growing up that makes a Pacey a man! (Then the show can be about him! lol) 

Just writing about him, makes me love him all the more!

Obviously Pacey is a Pacey, but we've also got: Xander (BtVS), Ron (HP), Wash (Firefly), Edmund (Chronicles of Narnia), Cappy (Greek), Nick (New Girl), Puck (Glee), Ben (Parks and Rec), Jim (The Office), George (Alanna books), Peeta (Hunger Games), Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables), Steve (Sex and the City), Chandler (Friends). 

The list can go on and on. The Pacey character is everywhere and he will always be my favorite! :)



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