Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book vs. Movie - Chamber of Secrets

I'm so excited that Kristin is going to reread the Harry Potter series. It is always worth a reread! Since I just reread some Tamora Pierce this summer, I feel like we're staying true to our original challenge! lol

To continue what I started last week, today I will compare the book and movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Book
This was the book that made me fall in love with the HP series. The humor, the darker storyline, Harry's questioning of himself, and the glimpse (very small one) of some romance made this novel well worth reading. On a reread this book becomes vitally important as well. Things you just take as they are become a huge part of the series - from Dobby to Voldemort's past to Lockhart to Griffindor's sword to the diary to the Chamber itself - they all come back in some way or another. We also get Ginny - adding humor and romance at the same time. And... I just like Ginny - she's kinda awesome. 
I also thought that the storyline about Harry possibly being the heir of Slytherin was very well played out in this book. At 12 (the age Harry was in this book), kids do not know who they are; they're still trying to figure it out. The fact that Harry has this extra element  - he could possibly be evil - just adds to this confusion. He has so many people against him, but Ron and Hermione are by his side - even if it means having to face giant spiders or having to being petrified. I think it was in CoS that the trio friendship was really cemented. 

The Movie
Chris Columbus will always get my respect for staying true to the books - he really made the effort to make sure he showed all the important moments and I feel like he did them justice. The acting is still a little weak, but the storyline comes across well and the special effects are pretty good for 2001. I really liked Lockhart - he was perfect. The flying car and the whomping willow were great. And the chamber at the end was spot on. If anything was a problem, it would be that we couldn't really be in Harry's head. In the first book/movie that wasn't a huge problem, but now, when he's being accused and he can't figure out himself - I really wanted to be in his head a little bit. The book makes this possible, the movie... doesn't. That will always be a complaint about the different formats, but it is always hard to wrap my head around. 
And where was the Deathday Party? That probably would not have looked too great, but still - how cool would that be to see?
Too long! Believe me that will never again be a complaint about a HP movie, but CoS was too long - I can never make it all the way to the end.
Not many - I feel like the book and movie work very well together. I mean, I do hate Daniel Radcliffe's hair, but that may not be worthy of complaint. 

My Big Whiny Complaint: 
In the movie there was not enough time with the Dursleys at the beginning - my favorite scene in the book and in the series at the time when I read this was completely left out!  When Vernon is going through family duties and Harry keeps saying, "I'll be in my room, making no noise, and pretending I don't exist." It's so sad and funny and it was perfect timing. Such a 12 year old comment - I loved it. I literally laughed out loud and realized that I was in love with the series at that moment. I know it seems weird, but that was what did it for me. That perfect blend of sadness and humor - the movie was missing that.  
I feel like that really is the point that is missing from the movies - that feeling you get when you really connect with Harry - we're just outsiders in the movies, in the book, I'm experiencing everything myself.


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