Monday, September 10, 2012

J is counting down the days... till next labor day weekend!

This year, for the first time (and certainly not the last), K and I attended Dragon Con. Now that Doctor Who was a major fandom for us both, we figured we couldn't hold out any longer. I wanted to go the previous year, but looking back I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much as I did this year. I would suggest to all potential Dragon Con goers - make sure you have a couple of different tracks you would be interested in because you won't want to just be in one track all day.

I wanted to reflect upon my favorite experiences at the con for a few minutes. 
1. My absolute favorite part of Dragon Con was the organization. I know that sounds extremely dorky, but I'm a sucker for a good schedule and an excellent layout and location. Everything was so stinkin' easy to figure out. Food was easy, transportation was easy, the locations were easy - I honestly wasn't confused once. That's saying something for a con of Dragon Con's size. 

2. Moving on to the actual things that happened... the crowd pleaser moments - from Lavar Burton leading the sing along of the Reading Rainbow song, to Slyvester McCoy coming into the audience during Q&A wearing hobbit shoes, to the Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long blog actors being spot on - everyone wanted to make the crowd have an amazing time. You truly felt like you were part of a once in a life time experience during certain parts of the sessions. I love that nerds will totally play to the fans - mostly because they're fans too! I've put Felicia Day's reflections of Dragon Con to the right because I feel like she expresses what I mean! I loved the Guild Q&A as well. 

3. The super nice people - everyone was awesome. I don't think I meet one person I didn't like (aside from the drunks letting people cut in line that one time). Everyone is there to have a good time and make friends. Go middle of the line friends from the Face Off line!! They totally get me. lol I mean where else are you going to connect with a bunch of other 28 year olds that want to listen to someone talk about a show that was on the air in the early 90s? 

4. Costumes!! They were beyond fabulous - I loved dressing up myself and yet felt ashamed that no craftsmanship of my own went into my look. Some of those costumes were painstakingly amazing!

Panels and speakers were of course wonderful, but really just the experience of being in a place where your nerdy t-shirt makes sense and where everyone is a fanboy or fangirl about something - it just makes you feel at home. That might seem odd to some people, but it's like you are finally allowed to be that nerdy kid and it is actually cool. No judgement from anyone about what you love - none! It is awesome.

Really excited for next year - in fact, I booked a room in a con hotel already. I'm obviously not the only one that feels this way - the hotels are practically sold out. 

Last bit here - K reflected on the Doctor Who episodes and I have to agree with her on pretty much everything. I really do believe that Moffat is setting us up with the lack of River references. And Matt Smith has completely grown into his role as the Doctor - he was so confident in himself in the last two episodes; I wasn't thinking about how Tennant would do it at all. We'll see how the Ponds go - I'm expecting a tear jerker - no matter how much I'm looking forward to Oswin! 


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