Sunday, September 9, 2012

K's TV Fandoms in Progress

I am terrible at watching television as it airs because I’m so impatient.  Most things I’m working my way through have been on (or off) the air quite a while, and I have some serious catching up to do. Here’s a look at what’s currently being watched on my television.

Jana and I watched the Battlestar Galactica premiere yesterday.  I watched it once a couple of years ago, so this was my second run at it.  I knew it was brilliant the first time I watched it (I shed tears, and I DON'T willingly shed tears), and it was confirmed for me with this rewatch.  The reason I haven’t made it past the premiere is because it’s so intense.  I get seriously into things, and if I get that stressed out there needs to be some happy pay off.  Watching BSG makes me want to watch Firefly episodes, because then I can cry and follow it immediately with laughing out loud.  I get the feeling I could get that if I stuck with BSG because of it's awesome characters, but I need some encouragement to dive in. 

I’m currently at the beginning of the third season of Supernatural on Netflix.  I work very hard to avoid spoilers for shows I am watching or believe that I’ll watch, but I know people seem to love Castiel, so I’m excited to make it to him.  I love Supernatural because it can be intense,  but I haven't walked away from many episodes traumatized.  Majority of it is episodic and resolved at the end of the day (in the first couple of seasons, at least).  And the boys are pretty. 

Slowly but surely I’m trying to catch up on Fringe.  It recently became streaming on Amazon Prime, and that will help a lot.  I’m towards the end of Season 2.   I know where the current storyline is, and I just want to jump ahead, but I know you don't skip ahead in Fringe if you want to have any idea what's going on.  We’ll see if I make it all the way through.

Of course, I’m also watching Season 7 of Doctor Who on BBC America.  I've enjoyed the episodes, but I’m kind of ready to see the Ponds leave.  Eleven hasn’t regularly had any other companions, while Ten went through three in three years.  It's fun to see the different dynamics.  Granted, Eleven has three different relationships with Amy, Rory, and of course his complicated one with River.  Speaking of, when is her existence going to be acknowledged this season?  I miss River!

That’s my current status in the universe of television fandom.  I'll keep you posted as I get further along.  So Jana, what are you considering starting, or working your way through?

Stay Shiny!

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