Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Castle's Back!

So Today in Fandom I watched the Castle season premiere!  For the record, I do not have cable in my house.  I'm watching things the next night, so other than my excursions to the homes of friends and family for Doctor Who, others may see things ahead of me.  I decided I can live with that.

Entertainment Weekly image- my favorite Castle pic ever!
My thoughts on Castle before watching the premiere- 

I did not watch the last few episodes of Castle until very late in the summer.  I have watched every episode since the series premiere, but I often let it collect in my hulu queue and watch it some low-key weekend in chunks.  I have discovered over the years that I do not love episodes that are exclusively about the murder of Kate's mom.  I love Kate & Castle no matter the situation, but I get bored with the never ending plot.  I much prefer episodic solve a crime episodes.  Whether they are together or not, I want them to make progress.  I do not like endless drama without resolution.  It isn't always required within the episode, but it's preferred.  I do require resolution by the end of a season!  (Although honestly, I will take Nathan Fillion any way I get him...)  

And now for the premiere-

Great new moment- Beckett easily seeking and accepting
comfort from Castle.  Even he becomes aware this is
touching and new.
Now that I've babbled about Castle in general, on to this particular episode.  I've been waiting on it obviously to see how Kate and Castle are after their night together.  I thought that were cute in their moments together throughout the hour, but I struggled to care about the plot of the episode. I can't wait to get back to solving cases. Thirty-five minutes in, and I'm praying Kate does whatever she's going to do just so this ends.  It's well acted. It's well written.  It's well done all around.  I'm OVER it.  Castle can't be cute and funny and Kate can't be teasing and snarky when they're making personal life and death decisions.   

I did love the moment when Kate realizes that she can't escape and Castle asks if he can just take her away.  There's no personal tension, no heartbreak, no conflict between them, and this moment demonstrates the main change in their relationship.  She leans against him, and lets him hold her.  They give and take comfort, without worrying about how the other feels (at least for now).  But back to Kate- does she take out the threat and find security and safety, albeit throwing away her career, all she stands for, and probably her life? Can we rap this up? 

And nope.  Not entirely resolved.  As the chief said, "It seems to be the gift that keeps on giving."  Thank goodness they established a scenario that allows next week get back to normal. Yay!  And for the record, I'm totally fine having them together.  They can be fun and tease.  I like it better than wistful looks and broken hearts.  There is potential now for it to be lighter and more fun than it's been in ages.  I'm very much looking forward to this season.

Beckett teasing Castle in the elevator at the
conclusion of the episode- this bodes well for the season!

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