Wednesday, September 19, 2012

J's Review of Revolution

So, one of the shows I was looking forward to the most this season was Revolution. I watched the premiere the other night and was, to say the least, underwhelmed (that word always makes me think of 10 Things - can you just be whelmed?). 

The premise sounded awesome and J.J. Abrams always comes up with fun stuff. Revolution had these Lost moments (down to the music) and that may have been its downfall - it was trying to hard to attract the Lost crowd. It wanted to impress me too much. Like Lost, I was left with questions - is Nate good or bad, why did Sebastian turn bad, why DID the power go out, and why in the world can't they get it back on? I'm glad I have questions, but I certainly hope, unlike Lost, some of this can be answered soon. I'm also not sure how long they can draw this out - I think we'll all get tired of this "we have no power" thing pretty soon.

I felt like they didn't set up the world very well, but that doesn't surprise me. This is obviously one of those shows where we'll find out the information piece by piece. Seeing as how Revolution is set in areas that Americans will obviously know, I wish they had spent some time on how the power down really affected everyone - what is the world like? I don't just want to know Charlie's perspective - I want to know what happened everywhere. Hopefully, they'll get there.

The other problem with the show was Charlie. For the main character, she was not that developed. She obviously has parental issues, but she is not very interesting. I would much rather watch the story from someone else's perspective. She seems like a very weak Katniss character. And the whole reason anyone likes Katniss is her strength. A weak Katniss - boring. I hate that she bores me because the boys (Miles and her brother) are much more interesting. She could be awesome, but so far, I don't like her. 

Anyway, that's my review of Revolution - I think I'll try another episode or two, in the hopes that it gets better. At least tomorrow, TV will be awesome. New Parks and Rec!! Awesome sauce. 



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