Saturday, September 8, 2012

K's Fandoms- Emotional Resonance & Rocket Launchers

By way of introduction, I thought that I would just share some of the things I totally geek out over. The arduous task has come before me to narrow my love to my top three fandoms, at least to start with.

My first choice is easy.  I adore all things created, touched, or made shiny by Joss Whedon.  I discovered the season one finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 6th grade, caught up during the summer, and never missed another episode.  The show dragged me in with its stories of relationships (both familial and romantic), struggles, and having the strength to overcome.  Even in middle school, my friends and I became aware that it was all straight from amazing mind of Joss Whedon.  I followed him on to his many other ventures, and today the Whedon fandom will always be the chosen one with me.

My second choice is Doctor Who.  This is a recent arrival on my radar, but Jana and I have made up for it quickly over the past year.  I’m sure we’ll share more about how into the Doctor we’ve become- it’s almost frightening, but the Doctor is worth it.

The third choice on my list is actually the love that’s been with me the longest- Superman.  I admit I’m not much for the comic book format, but I adored Christoper Reeve as a little girl.  He was my first crush. (He was also the prince in Faerie Tale Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty, which totally helped and you should check it out!)  I then watched every episode of Lois & Clark, and although I waited a long time to start watching it, I own the entire series of Smallville.  I enjoyed Superman Returns enough to see it more than once in the theater despite its flaws (my least favorite Lois Lane ever), and The Man of Steel movie cannot get here soon enough! 

Okay, so I admittedly have a thing for the heroic stories of awesome people, but I'd like to point out that all my fandoms have, as Joss puts it, the perfect mix of emotional resonance and rocket launchers.  All right, that’s enough raving.  I could write on for pages about any of the above fandoms, but I'll take a rest.  Jana, it's your turn with the sharing!

Stay Shiny!

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