Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vampire Diaries- To Watch or Not to Watch?

Vampire Diaries
Seasons 1-3  now available on Netflix
So, today in my world of Fandom I am considering whether or not I'm going to be watching Vampire Diaries this season.   The last season just became available on Netflix, so it's time to make a decision.  I am a season behind, and I have acted with my usual spoiler caution when it comes to this show.  While I may have become aware of a few unavoidable plot points, I've avoided scenes, video recaps, Youtube clips, or detailed episode summaries.  This indicates I'm not ready to give it up.

Why I'm Behind
I got behind because I didn't watch all of Season 2 last year, and I was behind when Season 3 began.  I couldn't catch up easily on Netflix, and the CW had taken the latest new stuff off the web before I caught up on the old stuff.  It was a no win.  I didn't watch any of Season 3, because I hate seeing bits and pieces ahead of time if I'm going to watch it later.  Now we're about to begin Season 4, and yay Netflix, you've placed the last season online in time for me to catch up!  It may happen...

When I Saw the Cast on Their Mall Tour
I saw the cast at a panel during their mall tour a couple of years back.  I hadn't really been to any celebrity panel-like events before, so I had no frame of reference at the time.  I waited for hours with friends, and ended up directly front and center, surrounded by 15-18 year old girls.  When the cast came out, they looked exactly like they do on television. They were gorgeous, and seemed to have had their clothes, hair, and make-up done by the series stylists.  The problem that occurred was that I spent the entire time wishing we were talking to someone more important on the show- the producer, the script writers, or the author of the books.  The questions asked of the actors were simplistic and the actors catered to them, seeming to almost be in character while they answered questions about what it was like to act with one another and did they like Atlanta.  Of course  "Who would you pick, Stefan or Damon?" seemed to be the repeating question to the point of annoyance. They looked great and were respectably entertaining, but I wasn't impressed.  It's probable that they were catering the teenage crowd- you certainly felt like you were talking to the characters most of the time.

Thoughts on the DragonCon Vampire Diaries Panel?
I'd love to hear them!

The Cast at Dragon*Con 2012
The cast was at Dragon*Con while I was there recently, and I had people ask me if they were worth seeing.  I told them that despite being unimpressed in the past, I wasn't sure.  Were they just catering to the younger audience when I saw them?  I'd like to think they would be more relaxed and more themselves at a convention populated with people mostly their own age.  Also, I hope the questions would be of higher quality.  Anyway, I would love to hear someone's opinion who has seen a different kind of panel from this cast.  What did you think? 

The premiere is scheduled for Thurs. October 11th at 8:00 on the CW.

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