Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rereading Harry Potter

Rereading Harry Potter from the very beginning
I am planning on rereading the Harry Potter series. I know I'm already rewatching Buffy, but that's actually not as big of a deal as this is.  I've rewatched Buffy in it's entirety at minimum five times, and that's beginning to end.  I've seen seasons in the middle several times, and who knows how many times I've rewatched favorite episodes.

I have read the Harry Potter series exactly one time.  I am aware that that's sad.  I've reread multiple Tamora Pierce series upwards of ten times, and I reread almost every book I like right away.  I like to relive an amazing moment. 

Slytherins I don't really aim
to be associated with
I don't really understand my hesitation to reread this.  I work in a school- I may not own all the books, but I can get them in seconds.  I think my hesitation is the same as it's been to fully embrace the series.  The first time I read it, they weren't characters who were new to me, they were already somebody else's and I was just reading along after them.  I can't relive certain moments, because I didn't feel like I was present for most of it to begin with.  This is just my weird, quirky, thing.    I believe that my interest would improve with repeated readings, as they have with rewatching Blink (Doctor Who).  I forget my first viewing and just anticipate what I already know.   Plus, this time I'll know I'm Slytherin, so maybe I'll notice some new things with my fresh perspective.

Anyway, I'm starting with The Sorcerer's Stone and doing a complete reread.  I may not be as consistent as I would like with my comments on here, but I hope it'll be fun documenting along the way!

Stay Shiny!

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