Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I Love Entertainment Weekly... let me count the ways

So, for Today in Fandom, I wanted to discuss my love for Entertainment Weekly. Technically I didn't get my copy of EW today, but since I saw this amazing video from their site today, I figured it was a great topic.
The awesome video that led to today's topic: 

Isn't it pretty? I think I just gazed
at it's beautifulness for about
5 minutes before reading anything.
I love Entertainment Weekly; I've subscribed to the magazine since 2004 and have never missed an issue. As the years have gone by, I’ve realized that the people who work at EW have amazing taste – pretty much because it’s the same as my taste. We will occasionally disagree, EW and I, but I usually chock that up to me not having a direct influence over their decisions. (Just saying, Thor got an A. I’ll leave it at that.)

Now, I know Kristin actually checks the site more than I do (I’m usually good with just the magazine), but on occasion I do head over to and take advantage of the amazing recaps , reviews, etc available. It is how I “watch” American Idol at this point if I feel like catching up. The website is usually good for a decent hour or so of procrastinating – BEWARE, it is addictive. As is the magazine actually; there was a time when I was not to be interrupted when EW showed up in the house. And I’ve gotten better about throwing the magazine away after a week or two. They used to make me look like I should be on an episode of Hoarders.

Anyway, I wanted to list some of my favorites from EW over the years, so here we go…

My Top 5 Favorite Issues/Articles from Entertainment Weekly:

#1: The Doctor Who issue – I call it that because Matt Smith was on the cover, but it was beautiful. The Tardis picture and the cover are currently laminated in my classroom. (Next to the Katniss picture from EW of course.) And the article on The Doctor... 10 glorious pages (pretty lengthy) with great stuff for classic and new whovians written by a whovian. Pretty much the perfect article. And following it was an article about other cult shows - so that's pretty awesome too.

Love it.
Almost too much. 
#2: Stephen King in a funny mood. He used to do guest articles; no more I’m afraid. He always had wonderful things to say about Harry Potter and his article about Junior Mints was hilarious!

#3: Any Twilight interview – oh my gosh, hilarious. I hate that they grace the cover of the magazine, but the interviews are so stinkin’ funny.

#4: Harry Potter covers – I keep them in my den; the others get thrown away, but never Harry. I do have to admit they may have done a few too many Harry covers for some people, but not this person. Their all Harry issue was divine.

#5: Soundbites – even now I want to cut them out and make a collage. Although when I personally heard each one on TV, it does make me think I need to reevaluate my priorities.

Oh, Entertainment Weekly, I love you and the joy you bring me when you magically appear in my mailbox Friday afternoon!


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