Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Literally wearing myself out with my nerdiness...

So for Fandom Today, I decided to discuss my crazy obsession with the way I express my fandoms... mainly my ever growing, smile inducing horde of nerdy T-shirts. I've always been a fan of the T-shirt -so comfy and easy, but awesome, nerdy T-shirts are beyond just a comfortable level. They make me happy and have on many occasions introduced me to a new friend! Seriously, I walked through the door at K's house last week and several people had to comment on my amazing Magic School Bus (with the HP kids on it) shirt. It was pretty sweet - must say.

Anyway, I realized this needed to be my topic when I went to the mail box and had yet another T-shirt in the box today (super cute Kaylee's Shiny Repairs shirt). This July and August, I will admit, I went a little crazy.

My brother is the one that turned me on to these sites - he and his wife love T-shirts and they have bunches. When I saw his Tardis and Delorian crash T-shirt, I knew I was hooked. So technically speaking, totally David's fault (in my family everything is David's fault anyway, so this makes sense).  And then after I missed the Men of Scarves shirt (Sherlock, Harry, and the Doctor with scarves - adorbs!), I decided heck or high water, I was checking those stinkin' T-shirt sites. And paypal just makes it so easy... result = many, many T-shirts.

Oh, and I don't limit the T-shirt buying just to me, oh no. I love giving presents, so you know I ordered T-shirts for friends and family. Got my brother his "Legen...wait for it... dary" suit and tie shirt - he claimed it was the best present he could have ever gotten (for $15 I vote I'm an awesome sister).

So... if you wanna be awesome like Jana and have way too many T-shirts, check out this amazing site: Day of the Shirt - all the daily tees on one site. I love the daily T-shirts; it makes me so happy to think I "discovered" the shirt and managed to get it. I regularly buy from Woot, TeeFury, and Ript. Qwertee always has amazing stuff, but it's from the UK, so it is more expensive and takes longer to ship; however, it comes with gummy bears. So major points there.

I have decided that I am not allowed to buy every shirt I think I need; I have to set a limit. Suggestions? One a week? It's just so hard, you could think something is amazing and then the next day something even better pops up! Yes, I'm addicted. I think I may need to enter a 12 step program for this. Oh dear. I mean, Lord knows, I'm not missing when this becomes a shirt: 

And now, I'll leave you with my amazing bumper sticker (yes, I know not a T-shirt, but this is what happens, now I have to decorate my car). On the other side I have a Weasley is my King bumper sticker because my nerdy girl status was not confirmed without both. 


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