Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flashbacks - Whedon style

The Introduction of Whedonverse Thursday
Why doesn't the whole world just
admit to adoring him now?
Whedonverse Thursday is for Kristin's favorite fandom - all things Whedon. While I don't list Whedon as one of my official fandoms, I am a fan of the Whedonverse. I firmly believe if Steven Moffat were to ask any American to write for Doctor Who it would be Joss Whedon. So there you go, that's pretty high praise from Jana. Kristin gets all the credit for introducing me to Buffy, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible (never really got into Angel or Dollhouse, but I have seen a few episodes). And of course that little movie The Avengers was on my radar anyway - knowing it was Joss Whedon's mind behind it just made it 10,000 times better. To be perfectly honest, I think my favorite thing about Joss Whedon is his ability to choose awesome people to work with. 

2 steps forward, 3 steps back
"Fool for Love"  - Spike's flashback
episode; love it! 
If you know me at all, you know that one of favorite plot lines in a book, movie, or TV show would be a flashback (or sometimes a flashforward). It's why I love Lost and Caroline B. Cooney. I realized early on in my study of all things Whedon that he is the master of the flashback. He makes it so relevant to the present plot line, but is able to make you care so much about that moment in the past that you want the entire episode to take place in the past. I loved learning about the vampires' past in Buffy and "Out of Gas" from Firefly is probably one of my favorite
episodes of TV ever. Getting to know the characters I already love in a different context makes me love them even more. And since Joss Whedon excels at character development, his episodes dealing with the past are key to understanding his characters. Plus, it's just so darn fun.

So... in closing, let's have lots of flashbacks in Avengers 2, please Joss. Or how about we jump in the TARDIS and go back to WWII for Cap. 



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